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Angelwing's Future Realm

Fan Art
Character Profiles

You enter a dark room.  The only light is that of a few lamps,  which appear to look like crystal balls, omitting a faint bluish glow.  "Hello!"  You hear a voice across the room and a figure appears.  As the figure steps into the faint light, you notice it's a female duck, with whitish feathers and short, brown hair.  You don't recognize her, yet there is something about her that seems very familiar.  "Welcome stranger!  Please, don't be afraid.  You're in The Future Realm now.  Well, Angelwing's Future Realm, actually."  She walks up to you and extends her hand.  "I'm Marina Flashblade.  I'll be your host and along with my friends and family, we'll help guide you through the Realm."

As you walk through the room with Marina, she continues talking.
"Please, don't mind the mess right now.  As you may notice, this is a new place and there is a lot of construction going on right now, so please do be careful.  But still, feel free to have a look around, and ask any questions you may have.  As for this room here, it's just about finished.  We're just basically decorating.  And those crystal balls *she points to one*  are just for effect, in case you're wondering.  And, normally I would have someone else update you on what's going on here, but since there hasn't been much progress lately, I'll fill you in.  The only new thing here, besides this whole place, is that we've changed the way we greet people.  Other than that, my friend, McKayla is in the File Room trying to get our profiles organized.  Oh, and please feel free to sign our guest book.  And please take part in our Poll.  Let us know what you think of this place, so far.

"There's a new update today!  The next and final chapter to 'Until We Meet Again'.  Plus, there's a new short story up, based on the Saurians point of view.  Hope you enjoy the storys, and don't forget to sign the guest book!" 

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