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Angelwing's Future Realm

Crash Flashblade
Fan Art
Character Profiles

Oh no!  Not another one!

Name:  Crash "Landing" Flashblade
Age:  17
Nicknames:  Flash Crash,
Height:  5'8"
Weight:  165 lbs.
Position:  right wing, comic relief & prankster
Feathers:  light peach
Hair:  blonde, short
Eyes:  blue
Personality:  funny,
Likes:  video games, comics, pizza & other junk foods, playing pranks on others 
Dislikes:  people (and ducks) who don't like to have fun,
Overheard:  "Hey, you like sea food?"
Said of him (and his father):  "They say a 'Nosedive' can lead to a 'Crash Landing'. -Crash's mother;  "Nosdive has a son?  We're doomed." -Mallory McMallard
Crash is the son of Nosedive Flashblade.  His mother named him Crash, because she liked Nosedive's name and she always said "a nosedive can lead to a crash landing".  So, when she and Nosedive had a son, they decided to call him Crash Landing.  Since then, the joke's been on poor Crash, whenever anyone recites his mother's saying.  Crash didn't mind it, at first.  But now, he hates when someone says it, because he's heard it so many times.  So, he prefers to be called Crash.
Like his father, Crash is a prankster and the comic relief of the team, which often leads him into trouble.

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