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Angelwing's Future Realm


Fan Art
Character Profiles

You enter another room, obviously still under construction.  There are newspapers on the floor by two walls and there is a male duck up on a ladder, painting.  He turns around to look at you.  "Oh, hello there."  He's wearing painters overalls and is covered, in various places, with blue paint.  He steps off the ladder and walks over to you.  "Hi!  I'm William Flashblade.  But you can just call me Maverick.  Sorry for the mess.  I wasn't really expecting anyone."  He chuckles.  "Anyways, now that you're here, you might as well read this."  He takes a small book from a bookshelf in the corner and hands it to you.  "It's part one of our first story.  Hope you like it so far."

Under construction


Until We Meet Again

Part 1

NEW!-  Part one of my first story on this site.  It's about how the James family meets up with the Mighty Ducks again.  Rated G.

Part 2

NEW!-  As onlookers just stand around watching, the team of alien ducks race against time to help save Mckayla.  Rated G.

Part 3

NEW!-  The Mighty Ducks plan a search for an old friend, but little do they know, just how close they really are.  In the meantime, they do their best to help out a young, human girl who had fallen through the ice.   Rated G.

Part 4

NEW!- Ah, like everything, all good things must come to an end.  But not until Jess and Byron panic over their daughters accident.  Then again, wouldn't any parent?  Will Mckayla survive this ordeal?  Rated G.


NEW!-  Just a short story (or Drabble) that was done for the Puckworld Communications mailing list.  Thought I'd post it.  It's rather a sneak peek of what's to come.  Rated G.

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