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Angelwing's Future Realm

Character Profiles

Fan Art
Character Profiles

You enter a small room with a small table, chair, and a couple of plastic, milk crates on the floor.  It's a bit cluttered, but it looks like someone at least made an attempt to clean it up, though there are some files, papers, and folders still scattered about.  A human girl is crouched on the floor sorting through some of the papers.  She looks up, then stands up and greets you.
"Oh, hello!  I didn't see you there.  I apoligize for the mess.  But, you see, this place is still new and we're still trying to get organized here.  By the way, I'm McKayla.  But you can call me Kay.  I'm the one in charge of this room, which is where you'll find all of our profiles.  I do all the interviewing and writing of the profiles.  So if you come across any incomplete ones, again, I apologize, but those are the interviews I never got a chance to finish.  But, I do plan on going back and getting that information sooner or later.  Ahehe.  So, feel free to look over these current profiles.  There will be more to come in the future.  And if you have any questions, feel free to ask."

Hello, Kay, here.  Just a slight update, I apologize for my own profile.....somehow, the original was deleted...I'm not sure yet I had to redo my profile.  Also, Bomber and Jax are two new guys, just arrived from, forgive me, as I have not had a chance to interview them yet.

Good Guys

McKayla James

Brandon James

Peter Palmfeather

Marina Flashblade

Maverick Flashblade

Cameron Thunderbeak

Crash Flashblade

Felicia Stormblade

Vanessa Vanderflock

Andrew L'Orange

Bomber McQuack

Jax Iceblade

Other Characters

Bad Guys

"Just thought I'd let you know, I didn't interview the bad guys for their information.  No way!  I've just filled out the information that one of the Ducks was able to hack from Dracona's computer system.  Ha!"



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