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Angelwing's Future Realm

Maverick Flashblade

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Like sister, like brother???

Name:  William "Maverick" Flashblade
Age:  20
Nicknames:  Will, Maverick, Mav or Rick (for short)
Height:  5'11"
Weight:  200 lbs
Position:  center, sometimes a left winger, peace keeper
Hair:  light brown, short
Eyes:  brown
Personality:  quiet and shy at times, friendly, nice, fun to be around, stubborn, reserved,
Likes:  hockey, his parents, his sister, McKayla (though he won't admit just how much), hanging with his sister and their friends, reading & writing, 
Dislikes:  seafood  (actually "see food"- blame it on his cousin), seeing others get bullied, Saurians, Phil & Pete-especially Pete- (he gets jealous when Pete flirts around McKayla)
Overheard:  "Yeah, he's on a 'sea food' diet alright.  He sees food, he eats it."   "Hey!  Why don't you pick on someone your own size?!"
Said of him:  "I like you.  You're not like my younger brother.  You're way too relaxed." -McKayla   "He's like the big brother I never had." -Brandon
Maverick is the son of Wildwing Flashblade and Marina's younger brother.  He acts a lot like his mother, though he does have some of his father's traits.  He's basically an all-around nice guy and will defend anyone he sees getting picked on.  His friends know they can depend on him, whenever they're in trouble, he'll be there to help.
After saving McKayla from the icey cold water at the ski resort, he took a liking to her.

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