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Angelwing's Future Realm

Marina Flashblade

Fan Art
Character Profiles

Another leader is born...............

Name:  Marina Flashblade
Age:  23
Nicknames:  Mars, Rina
Height:  5'5"
Weight:  115 lbs
Position:  goalie and team captain
Feathers:  white with a hint of peach
Hair:  light brown, chin-length with whispy bangs
Eyes:  blue
Personality:  kind, courteous, caring, friendly, a bit shy at times, quiet, stubborn, she takes after her father.
Likes:  her parents (after all, she looks up to them), hockey, McKayla (her best friend), her brother, reading,
Dislikes:  Saurians, bugs, lizzards (yeah, even the ones on Earth), when she feels like she hasn't done her best and hasn't given her 110 narrow it down-she hates feeling like she's failed, 
Overheard:  "Ugh!  What's wrong with me today?  I can do better than that, I know I can."  "Fine!  You know what?  If I'm doing such a bad job, then why don't you be team captain?!"
Said of her:  "She reminds me so much of her father." -unknown
"You don't deserve to be team captain.  Especially since it was your father who made the decision." -Cameron Thunderbeak
Marina is the daughter of Wildwing Flashblade and ____________ (I don't want to say who, just yet).  She's also Maverick's older sister.  She is very much like her father, in many ways.  She's very unsure of her leadership capabilities, though her father was the one that chose her as captain.  This, combined with the fact that she hates to fail, can make her a bit unstable at times, often casing her to get stressed out.
Marina also has a curious air about her, but her intuition helps keep her out of trouble.  Except when it comes to Cameron Thuderbeak.  When she tries to help him relax and open up to others, she ends up getting the cold shoulder.
In turn, Cameron tries (or he thinks he is) to help Marina by telling her what to do as a team captain.  But, she becomes frustrated and in the end, she walks away from him, feeling hurt.

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