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Angelwing's Future Realm

Peter Palmfeather

Fan Art
Character Profiles

Oh no!!!  Please!!!  Not another one!!!!

Name:  Peter Palmfeather
Age:  29
Nicknames:  Pete
Height:  n/a
Weight:  n/a
Position:  New team manager- he took over for his father and his father became the owner.
Hair:  black, long, pulled back into a pony tail
Eyes:  hazel-gray
Personality:  annoying, greedy (sound familiar?), flirtatious, conceited, stuck up, egotistic
Likes:  McKayla (very much), making deals- involving making money (of course), himself, gambling
Dislikes:  losing money, being cheated
Overheard:  "What?!  You want the Ducks to make a free appearance at a charity event?!  No deal!"
Said of him:  "Go out with Pete?!  Nuh, uh.  No way!  He's a stuck up, pig-headed, walking ego." -McKayla    "Man, you really need to get a life." -Crash Landing   "Are you kidding?  I'd trade this guy in for Phil any day.  At least we could tolerate Phil's schemes." -Duke
Pete is the son of Phil Palmfeather.  Yes, I know: "Phil had a son?!"  Hey, I was just as surprised, never thought it was possible.  Hehe. 
As far as what Pete is like:  "Aaaah!  Can we say, Phil, all over again?!"  Yeah, he's just like his father, except maybe.......worse.  The Ducks can't stand him, and neither can their human friends.

Aahh!  Run away!

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