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Angelwing's Future Realm

Brandon James

Fan Art
Character Profiles

Enter, the class clown..... 

Name:  Brandon Louis James
Age:  13
Nicknames:  B.J.
Height:  5'
Weight:  N/A
Position:  on his school's football team, he's a running back; on his school's hockey team, he plays right wing.  With the Ducks, he doesn't play with them, but he practices with them sometimes.
Hair:  brown, short
Eyes:  brown
Personality:  he takes after his father with the goofiness and making random, pointless comments, changing the subject every 30 seconds;  He acts like a typical younger sibling.  He's also very stubborn, like his parents and his sister.
Likes:  sports (especially hockey and football), joking around and acting silly,
Dislikes:  people who don't like to have fun
McKayla:  "Do you have to be so obnoxious?"
Brandon:  "Eh, what are younger brothers for?"
Said of him:  "Ugh, he's so annoying." -McKayla
"Persistant little bugger, ain't he?" -Nosedive
(sarcastically) "Cute, really cute.  Now get that thing off your head before I disown you." -McKayla.
Brandon is the son of Jess Lewiston and Byron James, and McKayla's younger brother.  He's a good kid for the most part.  Occasionally, he get's into trouble, mainly because he doesn't always think before acting or speaking.  Many times, he ends up putting his 'foot in his mouth'.  He's usually very outgoing, unlike his elder sister, and makes friends easily.  But he does have a habit of clowning around and acting stupid to get people's attention, which, again, if he doesn't think first, he can get into trouble.  
Like a typical younger brother, he does tend to get on McKayla's nerves, doing anything and everything to annoy her when he feels like it.  Which causes arguements between the two sometimes, but otherwise, they do get along.  Brandon would be willing to stick up for his older sister if she was ever in a jam.
At school, he's an average student.  He also plays on both the school's football team and hockey team, in which he does pretty well for both teams.  However, don't ask him which sport he prefers more, because he wouldn't be able to decide.  As long as he gets to slam into people, he doesn't care.  He says that's his way of relieving stress. 

Bug off! 

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