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Tanya's Guest Book
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Please feel free to sign my guest book :-)

Hello everyone!  I'm Tanya, keeper of the Ice Palace Guestbook.  Hehe!  Finally!  It took me forever to get this job.  Well, anyways, feel free to sign the guestbook.  Unfortunately, the only way to view it, is to sign it.  Ha ha!  I'm still trying to work out a few bugs around here.  Shygal wasn't able to figure out how to put up a link to view the entries, so I'm going to have to do it for her.  *sighs*  Maybe I should give her some lessons in technology.

Shygal:  I heard that!  I think I've been doing just fine on my own.  Thank you very much!

Hehe!  Right.  Anyways, please sign it.  It's uh, still lacking in entries.  Although I have had a couple visitors other than this site's creator, *looks at Shygal pathetically*

Shygal:  What?!  I was just simply testing it, that's all.  I had to make sure it works.

Tanya:  Aha!  Finally I've got it working right, with some help from a friend.  Welcome to the new and improved geust book.  Unfortunately the old one was deleted, so those of you who have signed it before, have to sign it again.  *chuckles*  But, now it's better!  So you have to check it out again!


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